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FALJC Member Directory  

Membership Year 2017-2018

(Updated  November 16, 2017)

The list is sorted by Agency with email addresses. Executive Committee Members are in BoldLifetime Members are in all CAPITALS.  Current officers are in Red.

Sustaining Members are designated by an asterisk (*).  A special thank you to all of our Sustaining Members for their additional contribution to FALJC. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member when you renew your FALJC dues in June 2018.

We would particularly like to thank our Lifetime Members Judge Kenneth Krantz and Judge William Coleman for their generous contributions.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission


Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau

Christine Kirby

Department of Agriculture

Jill Clifton*

Channing Strother*

Department of the Interior

Andrew Pearlstein

Richard Hines

Department of Justice-EOIR


Department of Labor


Paul Almanza*

Natalie Appetta

William Barto

Alan Bergstrom

Steven Berlin

Carrie Bland

Jonathan Calianos

Richard M. Clark

William Colwell

Alice Craft*

Tracy Daly

Morris Davis

Jennifer Gee

Lystra Harris*

Christopher Larsen

Timothy McGrath

Larry Merck

Richard Morgan

Adele Odegard

Peter Silvain

Daniel Solomon*

Theresa Timlin

 Department of Transportation

Douglas Rawald

J.E. Sullivan

Ronnie A. Yoder*

Department of Education


Drug Enforcement Administration

John Mulrooney

Environmental Protection Agency

Susan Biro

Christine Coughlin

Federal Communications Commission

Richard Sippel

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Philip Baten

Clark Cheney

David Coffman*

Jennifer Long

Andrea McBarnette

H. Peter Young*

 Federal Labor Relations Authority

Richard Pearson

David Welch

Federal Maritime Commission

Clay Guthridge

Erin Wirth

Federal Mine Safety Health and Review Commission

Kenneth Andrews

Jacqueline Bulluck

Jerold Feldman

L. Zane Gill

Robert Lesnick

John Lewis

Richard Manning

Thomas McCarthy

Margaret Miller

William Moran

Alan Paez

Priscilla Rae

David Simonton

Health and Human Services – Department Appeals Board

Richard Goodwin

Leslie Rogall

Health and Human Services – Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals

William Cowan

J. Keith Essmyer, Jr.

William Farley

Kurt Gronau*

Kim Hoffman

Leslie Holt

Norman Jacobson*

Don Joe

Scott Lawson

Roger Mehle

Steven Parrish

Ronald Patterson

Joseph Petrylak

James Plott

Vivian Rodriguez

Angela Wilt

Kimberley Woodyard

Housing and Urban Development

J. Jeremiah Mahoney

International Trade Commission

Thomas Pender

Charles Bullock

Mary Joan McNamara

National Labor Relations Board

Arthur Amchan

Geoffrey Carter

Donna Dawson

Christine Dibble

Marilyn Faulkner

Andrew Gollin

Mindy Landow

Charles Muhl

Melissa Olivero

Thomas Randazzo

Michael Rosas*

Elizabeth Tafe

National Transportation Safety Board

Alfonso Montano

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission


Carol Baumerich

Securities and Exchange Commission

Cameron Elliot

Carol Fox Foelak

James Grimes

Brenda Murray

Social Security Administration

Gwenevelyn Anderson

Daniel Balutis

Kristin Bellamy

Vincent Bennett

Joseph Booth

Larry Butler*

Michael Cabotaje

Bruce Cooper*

M. Drew Crislip

Boyce Crocker*

Brian Curley

Anthony Dziepak

Diana Erickson

Bruce Fein

Patricia French

Darrell Fun

Bonnie Hannan

Timothy “Pat” Hannon

Joshua Heller

John Henderson

Elana Hollo

Raghav Kotval

Michael Krasnow

Barry LaBoda*

Tracey Leibowitz

Alexander Levine

Penny Loucas

James MacDonald

J. Mathew Martin

Evan Nordby

Mark O’Hara

Martha Reeves

Karen Robinson

Clary Simmonds

D’Lisa Simmons

Carolyn Smilie

Sarah Smisek

 Jennifer Spector

John Thawley

Lesley Troope

Douglas White

David Wurm

Marilyn Zahm

 United States Coast Guard

Walter Brudzinski

Michael Devine

George Jordan

Dean Metry

United States Postal Service

James Gilbert*

Our Distinguished Retired Members

David Barbour*

John Choate

Peter Davenport

William Dorsey

Marc Hillson

Ruth Kleinfeld

Pamela Lakes

Paul Lang

Bruce Levine

Russel Pulver

Bruce Rosenstein

Daniel Sarno*

Judson Scott

Earl Shamwell

Thomas Snook*

Richard Stansell-Gamm*

Leonard Wagman*

(Note: Those listed without an e-mail address are without e-mail addresses in the FALJC Roster)